Ajira Nualraksa: Instructors spotlight

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Her history Ajira Nualraksa, Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy Bangkok instructor, is a seasoned veteran in the golf industry. Although her coaching career just began in October of 2018, she has been playing since she was a young girl. Ever since she was 13, Ajira remembers looking up to world-renowned instructor, David Leadbetter. She would spend time … Read moreAjira Nualraksa: Instructors spotlight

Instructor certification program

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At Leadbetter Golf Academy Bangkok we pride ourselves in our instructor certification program and believe that this sets our instructors aside from the competition.  Each instructor undergoes an intensive 12 level program working with their director and worldwide head of education alongside attending Leadbetter Golf Academy educational summits to further enhance their learning. David Leadbetter … Read moreInstructor certification program

Better golf begins with the right mindset

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When you watch the best players in the world perform to the best of their ability – and under the most extreme tournament pressure – they are playing without fear. Their body language is positive and strong, their focus is laser-like, and their attitude is one of, “Yes, I’ve prepared for this goal, and I’m … Read moreBetter golf begins with the right mindset

Chair drill

This drill will help you to maintain your posture and spine angle throughout your golf swing. Which will creates more consistent shots. Place a chair behind while keeping your hips against the chair as your take your swing. รูปแบบการฝึกซ้อม เพื่อรักษามุมลำตัว มุมลำตัว (Spine angle) เป็นส่วนสำคัญที่ช่วยให้ตีช็อตได้สม่ำเสมอ การวางเก้าอี้ไว้ข้างหลัง และพยายามให้สะโพกแตะเก้าอี้ไว้ตลอดการสวิง จะทำให้รักษามุมลำตัวไว้ได้ดีมากขึ้น ลองนำไปใช้กันดูนะคะ

How 5 Baht could change your putting rhytm?

Try this simple putting drill. Place a 5 baht coin in the cavity on the back of your putter head. Try to take a stroke with smooth rhytm keeping the coin, in place, on the back of the putter. The quick strokes will cause the coin to fall out of your putter. With this smoother … Read moreHow 5 Baht could change your putting rhytm?