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At Leadbetter Golf Academy Bangkok we pride ourselves in our instructor certification program and believe that this sets our instructors aside from the competition.  Each instructor undergoes an intensive 12 level program working with their director and worldwide head of education alongside attending Leadbetter Golf Academy educational summits to further enhance their learning.

David Leadbetter embraces a holistic approach and each instructor embraces his philosophy. As such each instructor is enabled with a comprehensive coaching toolbox that allows them to focus on the individual in front of them allowing them to reach their golfing goals and ambitions.

This starts out with the first stage whereby the instructor is fully immersed in David Leadbetter’s philosophy and understanding the learning of over 40 years of instruction from David and his evolution.  Armed with extensive knowledge around the swing at this stage each instructor has a great awareness of swing make ups, cause and effect, tendencies and how they can change the minimum with a player to have the maximum effect.

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Never stop learning. Even when you are a golf instructor.

The second stage allows each instructor to fully embrace the holistic approach to helping players of all levels.  Developing skills in communication, performance, physical, mental, technology and psychology they are truly well balance and comprehensive to help make gains in every area and players of all levels.

Many people have always thought that the Leadbetter Academy is for only for better players and this could not be further from the truth.  In fact you actually need your most knowledgable and best instructors working with the newest of golfers as they can really make a difference and have the experience to get them started quickly on the right track and communicate in an effective and simple way.

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Completion of the certification starts the ongoing learning process for all instructors and each year we maintain the highest of standards by having all instructors complete a recertification program. All our our instructors embrace David’s motto “Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn, being dedicated to golf and keeping a simple approach for all students” helping them and us continually strive to “Build a lifelong game”

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