How to become a better golfer in 30 days

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At LGA Bangkok we have a few golf instruction programs available for every level of golfer,- from the total beginner to a touring professional.

Just recently we have added 1 month-long, an original David Leadbetter program Learn Practice Play (LPP). Designed for an amateur golfer, busy individual, from beginner to an intermediate, this program allows our student to learn faster and become better golfers, by applying more fun and effective methods into the learning process.

We start with an evaluation of a student’s general ability; physical condition, swing evaluation, playing and score expectations. During this process we, as a golf academy, use a holistic approach to define the areas of improvement in our student’s golf game.

Learn practice play Leadbetter
Using technology during the evaluation process helps us to define main areas to improve.

As the result, we define 3 main areas which work for your improvement – golf instructions, practice routine and on-course play. For each of these areas we have a specific targets for our students to reach during the learning process.

Golf Instruction

Our main recommendations based on at least 1 time/week golf instruction with our PGA coach. Each lesson is the part of the whole process and designed to achieve your results fast. Here, many topics available based on your evaluation and requirements: – from putting to short game, scoring irons, long irons, woods and driver.


This is the most important part of the program. As being said,- practice makes perfect. Learning and practicing between your lessons, makes the biggest change in your golf swing and game. We have few recommendations on how to practice more effectively.

Our indoor driving range is the perfect place for practicing your golf game in the center of Bangkok. With the latest technology that we offer, you can achieve better results faster. This is done by checking and analysing your swing video, club and swing parameters, and shot distances with each club. Normally, it is very difficult or impossible to get this data at the outdoor driving range.

Our recommendations based on 3 times/week practicing. During your practice you can apply different drills and methods, that you have learned with your instructor.

Learn golf Bangkok
Practicing, while using the latest technology

By attending an LPP program each of our students get an unlimited access to our practice facilities and technology.

On-course coaching

This is the most fun and effective option of the whole package. During your 9-hole round you can try what you have learned indoor with your instructor. At the same time you can see and learn, how your instructor prepare and hit the shot, manage different lies (bunker, rough). As all of our instructors have a tournament background, you will see your potential, playing together with a better player.

leadbetter bangkok
Combining indoor lesson and on-course coaching, get you learn faster and with more fun

By combining these three parts of a training process, we achieve the great results with most of our students in the first 30 days. Comparing to the basic programs, where only lessons involved, we see our students are more committed and getting more fun and positive results.

We have a few packages available in LPP program, starting from 1 month and up to a 1 year long.

These packages are gaining the popularity quite quickly, and allows to schedule your golf training/learning process in your busy daily life routine easily.

Prices and packages available:

1 month program with 4 lessons and 1 on-course coaching – 15,000 THB

3 months program with 8 lessons and 2 on-course coaching – 33,500 THB

6 months program with 16 lessons and 3 on-course coaching – 56,500 THB

1 year program – 67,500 THB and includes the Gold Membership and 15+5 bonus golf lessons

As The Leadbetter Golf Academy, we use our own recommendations for each of the students. We will schedule your own learning process easy, and make you a better golfer faster with more fun involved.

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