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When it comes to choosing – and investing- in the right golf equipment, we recommend you consult a club fitting specialist, regardless of your age or ability level.

After all, playing well is about confidence, so having your equipment properly fit your body type, skill level, and swing characteristics is essential. That’s especially true when it comes to maximizing your performance and the consistency of every club in your bag.

We find that many of the amateur and recreational players we meet during lessons have some sort of equipment issue in their bag. Often it’s one or two particular clubs they dislike – and always hit poorly – or a completely incorrect fit through the entire set.

Equipment that doesn’t suit a particular golfer almost always causes swing flaws, as the player tries to compensate for the mismatch. That’s because most off-the-shelf, standard-fitting clubs are designed for men who are about 178 cm and hit a 6 iron around 160 yards. So, if you are shorter or taller – or female- chances are you’ll need clubs that are custom-made for your posture and swing technique.

In the modern high-tech era we live in, club fitting is no longer a time-consuming or expensive proposition. Once reserved only only for the world’s best players – or the richest- a typical club fitting session can be easily had at your local golf shop or golf center and typically lasts only 60 to 120 minutes.

leadbetter Bangkok club fitting

In addition, most good club fitters typically wave their fee if you decide to go ahead and purchase the equipment directly from them. Having accompanied many of the students and players we work with through a club fitting session – pros and amateurs alike- it’s always amazing how much more confident they get, knowing club in their bag now fits both them and their game.

Proper club fitting is most important, however, to the mid-to-high-handicap player. Given the built-in forgiveness that modern technology provides, it’s a no brainer. Every golfer can now maximize the good stuff in their game anmd improve some of the weaker areas- although as Sam Snead once famously said, “You can’t buy a new game”.

You can, however, definitely buy a better game.

At the junior level, it’s critical that children (6-11) play with light equipment, fitted at the correct length. In the past youngsters were often given cut-down clubs that were still too long and heavy. In many cases, that led to poor technique and sometimes even injury. Getting kids the appropriately sized equipment can only enhance their technique and development, not to mention their enjoyment of the game.

For the big kid in all of us, we offer the state-of-the-art facilities at the Leadbetter Golf Academy Bangkok to fit your entire golf set. If you really want to fine-tune your equipment needs, our Ping Club Fitting Days features the cutting-edge technology of the indoor golf simulator together with a Trackman launch monitor and video analysis software.

Leadbetter Bangkok club fitting
Club fitting in the Leadbetter Golf Academy Bangkok

Our master club fitter can then combine all club head and ball flight data with a player’s key body measurements- height and wrist-to-floor distance- and personal swing characteristics to determine the optimal fit. When fitting a player for a set of irons, the club fitter will also consider the best combination of club type- blade or cavity back- plus length of shaft and flex, grip size, and the lie angle of the club head.

A perfect fit is the ultimate goal. That, we trust, will instill peace of mind and confidence. And that can only lead to better club selection on the course, more scoring opportunities, and lower scores.

However, if your current equipment produces the desired ball flight and consistent yardage gaps between each club, there maybe no reason to make any equipment changes. In such a case, we simply recommend you see a club fitter once a year to check and adjust your lofts and lies to the correct specifications, just in case something has changed.

At the same time, you should also have your grips replaced. Normally, golf grip manufacturers recommend golfers. get their grips replaced every 40 rounds, or every 12 months, whichever comes first. Worn-out grips are as dangerous to golfers as bad tires are to motorists. They can slip and cause accidents.

Lastly, we have to add that the club fitting process is by no means an exact science and still involves some trial and error. All of us are built differently and have our own individual swing. But using a good professional club fitter, along with the benefits of advanced technology, can go a long way toward getting that perfect fit.

We might also say that all of the major golf equipment manufacturers make fantastic equipment, with variety of designs that can be custom-fit to match a player’s specifications and skill set.

Isn’t it time you treated yourself to that better game?

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