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Various lesson programs at David Leadbetter Golf Academy in Bangkok.

Leadbetter Golf lessons
Our job is to make you feel happy and fun on course!

Whether you are the beginner in golf, or a touring pro, Leadbetter Golf Academy has always been the one of your top listed golf learning centre on a global scale. With over 40 academies world-wide,  strong team of the most successful golf instructors in the history of the game, tons of experience of teaching world’s best golf players, numerous books and videos covering every aspect of golf, this is one ultimate destination on your journey to become a better golfer.

At the same time all our team of instructors around the world, have always been a keen students of the game themselves. We follow the maxim: “He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn”

Leadbetter Golf Instructors
Every Leadbetter Golf Instructor are trained and certified by David Leadbetter

Never stop learning. This is true for a touring pro and is also true for anyone, who wants to improve in any part of our lives.

Here at the Leadbetter Golf Academy in Bangkok we offer different lesson programs, that will teach you, and cover every aspect of your game. At the same time, they custom fitted for a modern busy person, so you can learn better and faster.  And that is the main reason, why Leadbetter Golf Academies are so popular around the world.

We would like to introduce you to some of our most popular and efficient golf lesson programs at the Leadbetter Golf Academy in Bangkok, Thailand.

Beginners program.

We all want to learn fast. New skills bring us new experiences, new friends and new opportunities. Golf has always been the number one sport for a lifetime. You can start to learn and play at any age. Of course, we know, not all of our students will become professional, so our “Learn Golf” program is mainly focused on getting you on a golf course as fast as possible, so you can enjoy play together with your friend or colleagues.

Bangkok golf beginner
Beginners lessons are designed to let you start to play golf fast and easy.

Two weeks program which includes 10 hours of lessons is the fastest at the moment in our Academy. This program is ideally designed for a person who never hold a golf club before.

During the beginner program we will introduce you to the game, teach you rules and etiquette, all basic fundamentals such as: grip, stance and posture, golf clubs and their roles, how to swing a club and more. You will hit your first shots, play your first short round and will be able to play with your friends on the golf course.

This is a perfect start for you to enjoy the game of golf as fast as possible.

Short-term programs

LEARN BETTER FASTER. This is exactly what we mean. Our short-term lesson programs are custom designed for a modern busy person. Rather it just a few hours or a few days, you will get the best from the Leadbetter Golf Academy in  the most concentrated, effective and the easiest way. Our instructors are trained to discover your setbacks and flows fast and provides you with a solutions based on your skills and requirements.

Here are some recommendations about different packages in this type of the programs.

Golf Clinic – half-day or whole day program, aimed at the specific topics with our top golf instructors. Get the whole technology support with the video swing analysis, high-tec equipment, pre- and post review of your lessons. 

Groups are possible for up to 4 people.

Golf clinics are one of the most popular programs in our Academy and are recommended to be booked in advance

Leadbetter Golf Bangkok

Stay&Play – these are bespoke packages and are very popular for those who visit or stay in Bangkok just a few days. 

This program covers all mini topics of the Leadbetter’s famous “Faults and Fixes” lessons series. Driver distance, mid and long irons, chipping, pitching and putting – we cover all of this in a 5-hour , 5-day (up to 1 week) program.

A Swing is another popular topic, which is also the part of Stay&Play lesson programs.

Golf Lessons Bangkok
A Swing- the Alternative approach to a great golf

Signature Platinum – very similar program, but aimed to a more advanced golfers or pro golfers. This program is taught by the Head Professional of the Leadbetter Golf Academy. All lessons are taught in a private room to ensure most of the concentration and comfort. Highly recommended and must be booked in advance.

Long-term programs.

Learn, Practice, Play from 1 month to a 1 year, these are popular among our students who mostly live in Bangkok or visit it frequently.

By joining these programs you get the whole, all-inclusive learning experience with the Leadbetter Golf Academy. Golf lessons with your selected PGA instructors, practice access to our training facility, and, our most popular option – outdoor on-course coaching on some selected golf courses in Bangkok.

Learn Practice Play
Golf days are the most popular feature of the Learn Practice Play program

These lesson programs are more social and fun by allowing you to play with other students during the golf days or training. As the long-term student you get to know our friendly staff more and simply make your life better by making new friends.

Try it first with a 1-Month program and see how it works, you will never get disappointed! 

Individual private lessons. Learn at your own pace based on the lesson program designed specially for you. Highly recommended for a golfer who plays often or on a regular basis. To be more effective and convenient for you, we provide three levels of coaching: Silver, Gold and Platinum – all based on your skills, expectations and budget.

Please discover our lesson programs, their details and prices by following the link to a Golf Lessons page.

Driving Range
Learn and practice at the Leadbetter Golf Academy in Bangkok

As the Leadbetter Golf Academy, we recommend you to dedicate at least 1 hour every week for a golf lesson with a PGA instructor, and 3 hours to practice on a driving range to enjoy the game of golf and play better every time you are on the course.

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