Golf for Beginners in Bangkok. Everything You Need to Know

Golf lessons for beginners

The Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy Bangkok has a special golf lesson program for beginners in golf. This custom made package is an ideal solution for anyone who wishes to get started playing golf as soon as possible. If you really want to play golf and get that beautiful golf swing, please read this article.

The program was developed based on the philosophy and teaching methods by David Leadbetter – one of the greatest golf teachers in the history of the game, and from more than 30 years of teaching experience of thousands of students worldwide.

You know, golf can be complicated. It may frustrate you, how many different clubs you play, so many different rules to follow. Some new words you don’t really understand: birdie, bogey, up-and-down, bunker, the list goes on. And even you watch it on a TV, those guys, Tour players, have so many ways to hit the ball and get it right to the pin with no effort at all, as you see. So why it is so difficult for you?

Well, first thing you should know – it is very important to get things right from the very beginning. Your first golf lesson is the most important for the rest of your golf life. Get it wrong, and you may struggle a very long time, or develop the golf swing, that will keep your muscles tight, and may even lead you to an injury. We all don’t want that. Golf is fun and the longer you play, the healthier you stay in life.

Let’s talk about how you should start and what you need to learn.

  1. Golf history, rules and etiquette. Golf has an old and rich history. To ensure you get the most of the game, respect from other players and have a safe and enjoyable round, you should spend some time and learn about the game of golf. It may sound complicated in the beginning, but all rules of golf are quite logical and follows 3 main principles: Play the course as you find it, Play the ball as it lies, Play it fair.
  2. Golf equipment. Golfers are allowed to have up to 14 clubs in the golf bag. Each club designed for the specific shot, distance and course layout. Knowing these basics will allow you to develop your specific strategy during the round and organize your bag based on your skills and level. Buy your new set of clubs only after you learn enough and understand exactly what each club in your bag will be for.
  3. Golf swing fundamentals. This is where it all starts to make you a good golf player. Get your fundamentals right from the very first hour. It is like building a house,- get your foundation right and professional, and you will stay safe and strong through the rest of your life. Get it wrong, and you will experience just only pain and frustration. Learn about grip, posture, stance and alignment only from the PGA certified golf professionals.
  4. Body motion through the golf swing. It is important to use your body strength and muscles to act in the most effective way through the golf swing. When you do it right, you look perfect and easy. Learn about pivot, balance and weight shifting. Don’t worry, it may sound complicated, but as soon as your body get used to a new sensations, you will feel easy and powerful through your golf shots.
  5. Full swing. Now you know, what it makes to hit it long and how to use your body properly. Start to learn the full swing with a different clubs: irons, woods and finally, driver. Remember, in golf you should hit it in the right direction and for the right distance.
  6. Short game. This is very important part of your golf skills and one of the most difficult and complicated shots: chipping, pitching, bunkers and different lies. If you can control the ball from the short distances around the green, your may not even need to hit your driver long to get the better score and win over your friends.
  7. Putting. This is where the basics is the most important. Proper setup, alignment and your upper body motion, makes you hole the ball from any distance on the green. You probably will spend the most of your time in the future to practice your putting strokes, so get the basics right from the very first time.
  8. Practice. As any new experience and skills, it takes time to get the most out of even the best of the lessons. Keep practicing as much as you can and as often as you can. Remember, only practice makes it perfect.

If you really serious and would like to go forward and start playing golf, don’t wait, find a good golf academy, allocate enough time in your schedule and go for it! Golf is fun, but it takes time and patience to be a good player. But don’t worry, it will open the door to new experiences, new places and new friends. And sure, it will change your life for better!

Have a good journey!

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