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At the Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy in Bangkok, and many other Leadbetter Academies around the globe, we have always tried to stay on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to helping our students and pros improve their game.

Our “instructor toolbox” basically consist of a high-speed cameras, computer, Trackman unit, and a K-Vest (used for 3D motion capture technology). With these items, we can capture and measure every aspect of the swing and quickly identify the root cause of any faults.

For instance, our video analysis software allows us to download high-speed video of our students and compare it to one of our ideal “pro model” images.

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This visual analysis, along with the comparison process, is a wonderful learning tool for anyone looking to better understand and improve his or her game and technique. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Trackman is another modern marvel that has played a significant role in our game improvement programs at the Leadbetter Golf Academies since 2004, helping both our instructors and clients better understand how their golf club ios delivered to the ball, while also precisely measuring every aspect of their ball flight.

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Developed by a Danish company, Trackman is a launch monitor that uses Doppler radar to measure 26 parameters of club delivery, ball flight, and landing. If video analysis is like an X-ray of the swing, Trackman is like an MRI.

Trackman has dramatically changed the way players think about their set-up and swing, how they practice, and even how they get fitted for golf clubs and balls. Consequently, all major club and ball manufactures, as well as the best players and teachers in the world, have embraced this technology.

In addition, Trackman also features an NFL-style “Combine” competition, consisting of 60 shots, each of which is scored on a scale of 0 to 100. Anyone who wishes to try it hits six shots to nine different targets- ranging from 60 to 180 yards- as well as six tee shots. Thanks to all the data stored in Trackman, the competitor can quickly see where he or she ranks against the best in the world and also identify areas in need of improvement.

We recommend scheduling a session to identify how far you hit each club in your bag.

Below are several ways to use Trackman to benefit your own game.

Gapping Test

Most amateurs have only a rough idea of how far they hit each club and typically overestimate how far they can fly the ball. This typically leads to poor club selection on the course.

PGA and LPGA Tour players, on the other hand, know exactly how far they hit each club in their bag. Proven technology, such as Trackman, gives them precise numbers for each club. Try it yourself. Finding out how far you hit each of your clubs, and 2) improve your club selection and course management , putting you on the fast track to more scoring opportunities.

Equipment Fitting

Trackman’s ability to quantify the performance of each shot makes it a great resource when it comes to fitting equipment that matches each student’s individual swing characteristics and talent level. For example, your swing speed and ball-speed measurements will largely determine the type of shaft flex (light, regular, or stiff) you should have in both your driver and irons.

In addition, by using a 6 iron on Trackman, the clubfitter can then build a complete set of irons based upon your average carry distance. A player with a low carry might opt for more user-friendly hybrids and fairway woods instead of long irons.

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Trackman monitor

Approach Practice

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Sharpening your distance control with your wedges is one of the easiest and quickest ways to lower your scores. Using Trackman to calibrate how far you hit each of your wedges- at various swing lengths and speeds- is crucial to choosing the right wedge and getting the ball as close to the pin as possible.

Here is an example of some wedge distances we established for one of our PGA Tour players using Trackman. Our player had four different wedges in his bag, and we were able to dial in three different yardages at three different swing lengths. this kind of information gives players tremendous confidence because they then know they have multiple distance- and trajectory-control options to rely on in the scoring zone.

The Average Carry for the Various Scoring Clubs

Lob Wedge – Full Swing 90 – 3/4 Swing 75 – 1/2 Swing 55

Sand Wedge- 100 – 90 – 70

Gap Wedge 115 – 105 – 90

Pitching 130 – 115 – 105

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