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When choosing the right golf ball, keep in mind that this is the one piece of equipment in your golfing toolkit that you’ll use on every shot.

But with such a huge variety of different brands and models to choose from, it’s not always easy to make the right choice. Given the performance and quality differences, we suggest you meet with your instructor or local professional to seek advice and get properly fit.

Yes, we said, “get properly fit”,just as you should for your woods, irons, and putter. Playing the right ball will ultimately improve your consistency and help you shoot your best scores.

The No.1 fault we see at Leadbetter Bangkok Golf Academy – at least in this specialized area – is amateurs playing with several different types of balls during the course of a round.

Because of the variation in design, each model reacts differently off the clubface, making it difficult to consistently predict what the ball will do – particularly on crucial short shots. Playing with the same brand and model of ball in every round will encourage more consistency in your shotmaking and eliminate the performance variations associated with playing anything you might find in the bottom of your bag.

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As with clubfitting, ballfitting is not an exact science. In the process of determining which type of ball you should play, we recommend choosing one that performs well – first and foremost – on and around the green, and then eventually working back to the tee.

Narrow your ball choice down to a couple of models – again, with the help of an expert – and then hit a variety of putts, chips, pitches, and bunker shots with a few sleeves of each ball. Evaluate and compare how well each one rolls, and how it feels coming off the club or putterface – as well as it’s trajectory and spin on those essential short-game scoring shots.

By prioritizing your choice of ball based upon your short-game performance, you are giving yourself the greatest opportunity to lower your scores. It’s a simple formula, especially when you consider that the short game accounts for 50 to even 70 percent of a golfer’s score in each round.

Ballfitting with a Trackman launch monitor is another fantastic way to evaluate the performance of a specific golf ball or compare several possible choices. Trackman is invaluable for producing numbers on ball speed, spin rate, and carry distance. Both the pros and the average golfer can benefit by giving several golf balls a go on this new technology.

Once you’ve put in the practice and evaluation time, take your golf balls for a test drive on the course. PGA and LPGA Tour players often play two balls per hole during practice rounds to compare their current ball with a newer model. It’s the best place to determine if a ball is a good fit for your game. You get to hit with every category of club in the bag in a true playing environment that offers real feedback.

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