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Since the putter has an enormous influence on your overall score, we also highly recommend taking the time and making the investment to get properly fitted for this important club. From PGA Tour pros to amateurs, we like to see a putter match every aspect of a golfer’s ideal stroke.

These days, there are tremendous number of putters on the market. But like off-the-shelf clubs, the putter you test at a store is built on the one-size-fits-all principle. You can certainly find one with a nice look and feel, but if the length, weight, and balance aren’t right, you aren’t likely to achieve a high level of consistency with it.

Our putting studio at the Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy in Bangkok utilizes the video analysis technology of the Sam PuttLab system – an industry leader worldwide – to help players identify the best putter for them. The device uses ultrasound measurements to analyze 28 parameters of a golfer’s stroke and then displays the results in graphic reports. Among the key measurements are the face angle of the putter at impact, the rotation of the blade, and timing.

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The right putter fit equals lower your scores.

One of our students once entered our studio with eight (!) putters under his arm, hoping to decide which one he should use for the upcoming golf tournament in Bangkok. After asking him which putter he liked most – in terms of feel and aesthetics – he chose the flat stick Scotty Cameron custom designed.

After a few putts on the Sam PuttLab system, his test numbers with the Scotty Cameron outperformed the other putters. He left feeling confident and convinced that he had the right putter to do the job. His game results confirms that choice, since he later won his weekend tournament.

Remember to take the time to consult with your PGA Professional in your area when choosing a putter. In addition, have them critique the fundamentals of your stroke, making sure your set-up, eye alignment, and stroke action are in good order. Keep in mind, it’s not always about looks when it comes to choosing the right putter. It’s about getting a putter that fits and ultimately allows you to hole more putts.

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