Game improvement via technology

LGA Bangkok

At the Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy in Bangkok, and many other Leadbetter Academies around the globe, we have always tried to stay on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to helping our students and pros improve their game. Our “instructor toolbox” basically consist of a high-speed cameras, computer, Trackman unit, and a K-Vest … Read moreGame improvement via technology

How 5 Baht could change your putting rhytm?

Try this simple putting drill. Place a 5 baht coin in the cavity on the back of your putter head. Try to take a stroke with smooth rhytm keeping the coin, in place, on the back of the putter. The quick strokes will cause the coin to fall out of your putter. With this smoother … Read moreHow 5 Baht could change your putting rhytm?

Want to gain some driving distance?

Try this simple drill. When you’re practicing your tee shots, place a rolled up towel about 1 grip in front of the ball. This visual will cause you to hit more “up” on the ball at impact to avoid hitting the towel. Hitting up on the ball several degrees will create optimal launch conditions for … Read moreWant to gain some driving distance?