Bunker shot techniques. How to hit a bunker shot easy.

Bunker shot basics

For many amateur golf players, the bunkers on any golf course are the burial grounds of their scoring hopes. They typically try to muscle the ball out by taking to much sand, and then leave the ball in the hazard. Or, they fail to take any sand, and pick the ball cleanly – which usually … Read moreBunker shot techniques. How to hit a bunker shot easy.

Club fitting at the Leadbetter Golf Academy

Leadbetter club fitting

When it comes to choosing – and investing- in the right golf equipment, we recommend you consult a club fitting specialist, regardless of your age or ability level. After all, playing well is about confidence, so having your equipment properly fit your body type, skill level, and swing characteristics is essential. That’s especially true when … Read moreClub fitting at the Leadbetter Golf Academy

Ajira Nualraksa: Instructors spotlight

Golf for ladies Bangkok

Her history Ajira Nualraksa, Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy Bangkok instructor, is a seasoned veteran in the golf industry. Although her coaching career just began in October of 2018, she has been playing since she was a young girl. Ever since she was 13, Ajira remembers looking up to world-renowned instructor, David Leadbetter. She would spend time … Read moreAjira Nualraksa: Instructors spotlight

How to become a better golfer in 30 days

Learn golf bangkok

At LGA Bangkok we have a few golf instruction programs available for every level of golfer,- from the total beginner to a touring professional. Just recently we have added 1 month-long, an original David Leadbetter program Learn Practice Play (LPP). Designed for an amateur golfer, busy individual, from beginner to an intermediate, this program allows … Read moreHow to become a better golfer in 30 days

Instructor certification program

Golf Academy Bangkok

At Leadbetter Golf Academy Bangkok we pride ourselves in our instructor certification program and believe that this sets our instructors aside from the competition.  Each instructor undergoes an intensive 12 level program working with their director and worldwide head of education alongside attending Leadbetter Golf Academy educational summits to further enhance their learning. David Leadbetter … Read moreInstructor certification program

Golf swing smooth and fluid from the start

Golf Swing Bangkok

One of the difficulties in developing a fluid, consistent golf swing is that you’re trying to hit a stationary ball. In other ball-and-stick sports, you’re trying to hit a moving object, and the body intuitively reacts to perform the required motion. The action in these sports usually happens too fast for the conscious mind to … Read moreGolf swing smooth and fluid from the start