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Leadbetter Bangkok Golf Academy

The Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy Bangkok is situated in the heart of Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand at the five-star Marriott Hotel and Executive Serviced Apartments on Sukhumvit Soi 24.

LGA Bangkok Golf Academy has David Leadbetter certified instructors and golf lessons can be given in English, Thai and Japanese. The academy has twelve golf simulator indoor hitting bays equipped with the latest teaching and training technologies such as Trackman, GC2s, Sam PuttLab, BodiTrack and video replay for every swing. The academy property also includes a state of the art fitness centre, outdoor short-game area, and a corporate event zone.



From The World's Most Iconic Golf Coach

We offer private golf instructions, that cater to beginners, professional golfers and every level in between. Our lessons are available in three categories and ensure that you learn better, faster with our Leadbetter certified PGA instructors

Leadbetter Kids classes and activities help teach children the fundamentals of good decision-making, concentration and discipline; all skills important for life long problem-solving abilities and creative expressionism.

Our most popular golf lesson programs, designed for an amateur golfer, busy individual, from beginner to an intermediate, this program allows our student to learn faster and become better golfers, by applying more fun and effective methods into the learning process.

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With Our PGA and Leadbetter Elite Instructors

Gress Pinsawat


Ajira Nualraksa


Anssi Kosonen

PGA Thailand

Richard Spence

PGA Golf Coach

What Our Customers Say About Us
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4.7 Stars - Based on 50 User Reviews
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4.7 Stars - Based on 21 User Reviews
  • Alex Azutov Avatar
    Alex Azutov

    This indoor golf academy creates a perfect atmosphere to improve your golf game. The facility is clean and well kept,... read more

    David Boyd Avatar
    David Boyd

    This is a first class golf learning center. I had some time off and signed up for a package... read more

    Paul Bourke Avatar
    Paul Bourke

    Great place to come and hit some balls or get a lesson or two in air conditioned comfort. Great friendly... read more

  • Stuart Clayton Avatar
    Stuart Clayton

    The indoor golf academy creates the perfect environment and opportunity to develop your golf game. Whatever level you play... read more

    Palmar Jack Perkin Avatar
    Palmar Jack Perkin

    Attached to Xcite Golf is a solo badminton court with AC. A valuable rarity in Bangkok. Fab services, including ability... read more

    Mesbah Dowlah Avatar
    Mesbah Dowlah

    One should learn the grammar ie, basic of golfing from Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy, situated in Kurmitola Golf Club in... read more

  • Nasir Alam Avatar
    Nasir Alam

    we should join and looking for further

    Bucky Goldstein Avatar
    Bucky Goldstein

    I’ve played with a bad swing for years. No matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t able to correct... read more

    Marilyn Ng Avatar
    Marilyn Ng

    Attentive staff and well maintained facilities with great professional teachers to coach young on golf

  • Rawida Rawida Avatar
    Rawida Rawida

    impressive atmosphere with tech simulation but quite hard to make a ball detected. will come back again.

    Ronald Reyes Avatar
    Ronald Reyes


    Mark Green and Dad Avatar
    Mark Green and Dad

    Great Academy to learn and improve your game of golf!

    Friendly and professional staff!

  • Nan Kittika Avatar
    Nan Kittika

    ชอบที่นี่มากๆ สะอาด สอนเข้าใจง่าย พนักงานเป็นกันเอง เลยไม่ค่อยรู้สึกเกร็ง คุ้มค่ากับเงินที่จ่ายจริงๆค่ะ

    Leonard Wee Avatar
    Leonard Wee

    Nice friendly people with world class teaching techniques. Big fan of the A swing! If only their 3 gc2 launch... read more

    Litar Lalita Sittipan Avatar
    Litar Lalita Sittipan

    Nice and friendly staff. Improve your golf game with PGA pros and facilities. I'm started from zero and learn very... read more

  • Mark Pedevilla Avatar
    Mark Pedevilla

    Great indoor golf center, best in Bangkok, professional and friendly team.

    Ryan Salmon Avatar
    Ryan Salmon

    excellent Facility , great instruction

    Saner Sandy Lee Avatar
    Saner Sandy Lee

    Fully equipped with modern technology, Trackman, especially. I am sure my game will be improved immensely soon.

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